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Fleshy married woman comes to heat the gardener so that he fucks her thoroughly


A young, muscular and handsome young gardener takes care of the planting of a married woman who comes to see how it goes. She put on a sexy dress that molds her luscious and generous shapes. She is fleshy and has a large breast, a good belly and large buttocks. She counts on the maternal side to excite the handsome young man and comes to put his oily pussy at head level so that he sniffs her intimate scent. It works ! The guy presses it against the house and makes him lift his thigh to come and lick her pussy before planting his cock. She throws herself on his cock before he changes his mind and presses his balls to bring up all the juice she intends to recover at the end of this fuck. She releases her big milky tits and stretches the guy on the lawn to suck his cock and show him that she wants to get caught. The gardener will have to adapt to this wet ground.

Date: April 6, 2020

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